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2017-2018 Initiation Program Changes

Information regarding adoption of Age Appropriate Programming for Olds Minor Hockey's Initiation Program

Hockey Canada - Scaling Down the Game

Initiation Program Objectives

  • A comprehensive program for the development of young children as hockey players.
  • The focus is on skill development and fun without the pressures of winning.
  • It aims to create participants and instructors who will continue in the game.
  • The motto is Fun, Fitness and Fair Play.

Hockey Alberta - Resizing the Game


  1. Create a safe and positive environment for players to experience the sport.
  2. Age appropriate program that has modified rules, surface and equipment.
  3. Incorporate physical literacy, fair play, co-operation and FUN into the sport.
  4. Teach basic hockey skills so players can enjoy the sport

USA Hockey - From a Child's Perspective

To demonstrate how a full sheet of ice looks to a child, USA Hockey put adult players on an extra large rink with giant nets to simulate what a child sees. The players found the games tiring, difficult and said they would lose interest quickly in the sport if that was what they faced.

See how adult players opened their eyes to what is being taught by the American Development Model of cross-ice hockey and small-area games.

Analytics Tracking

A cutting-edge NHL analytics team puts the test to youth hockey for the first time ever. Watch this video and see what you think.