2023 - 2024 Registration Fees

For the upcoming season, Olds Minor Hockey has decided to include a one-time Conditioning Camp Fee within its Registration Fees for those levels that apply to Olds Residents only. This fee, valued at $50 will cover the Conditioning Camp selected at the time of Registration.  While we encourage all players trying out for a team within OMHA to attend the conditioning camp prior to an Evaluation, they are not mandatory.

Please note, if you initially register your child for a AA or U11 HADP team, your AA & U11HADP Conditioning Camp will be covered within your registration.  In the event that your child does not make that registered team and they wish to participate in the mainstream conditioning camp, a fee of $50 must be paid prior to your child stepping on the ice.

LevelBirth YearOn or before Aug 15thAfter Aug 15th
Pre Hockey2017 or Younger$105$105
U72017 or Younger$425$525
**If not named to a U9 CAHL team you will be refunded $100
LevelBirth YearOn or before July 15thAfter July 15th
U11 Female2013-2014$705$905
U11 HADP2013-2014$1,100$1,300
U13 Female2011-2012$785$985
U13 AA2011-2012$1,600$1,800
U15 Female2009-2010$810$1,010
U15 AA2009-2010$1,650$1,850
U18 Female2006-2008$850$1,050
U18 AA2006-2008$1,750$1,950

*team photo, home & away socks included in all fees

**included in AA fees: pant shells, keeper jersey & non-parent coach honorarium