"Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself" - Robert Collier

Player Roster 2023/24 Season

Andersen Slade
Barnett Colten
Bartholow Mason
Braithwaite Lucas
Brotnov Boe
Chernesky Emmett
Coward Mason
Denison Logan
Haaland Jace
Hollis Reid
Jaskela Joel
Koksal Talan
Mcdonald Miller
Neilly Ryland
O'Dwyer Brady
Sidock Jeremy
Steckly Devin


Olds Resident players not listed above will be released to Mainstream tryouts. Be sure to keep your tryout jersey you will wear the same number for your next tryouts.

Non Resident players not listed above will return to home association.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Rich McDonald

Team Manager: TBD