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OMHA Photographer Contact Info

Photography by Bully

Kevin Bullock


2018 OMHA Picture Schedule

Tuesday October 16th, 2018

Picture Time Team
4:00 PM Initiation #3
4:20 PM Initiation #4
4:40 PM Peewee Female
5:00 PM Initiation #1
5:20 PM Initiation #2
5:40 PM Peewee A
6:00 PM Peewee B
6:20 PM Atom C
6:40 PM Peewee C
7:00 PM Peewee AA
7:20 PM Bantam AA
7:40 PM Midget Female
8:00 PM Midget B

Tuesday October 23, 2018

Picture Time Team
4:00 PM Pre Hockey
4:20 PM Novice A
4:40 PM Atom B
5:00 PM Novice C
5:20 PM Atom A
5:40 PM Atom Female
6:00 PM Novice B
6:20 PM Midget AA
6:40 PM Bantam Female
7:00 PM Bantam A
7:20 PM Midget A
7:40 PM Bantam Elite

Individual & Team Photos will be on the Main Ice.

Teams that are scheduled to practice on that ice surface will have half ice and NO PUCKS!!!

PLEASE BE ON TIME! and ready 10 minutes before picture time dressed in full equipment minus the helmet, neck guard is optional


  • Please wear your Black Jerseys and Black game socks.

  • NO phones or cameras on the ice for selfies with your besties: the quicker you get on the ice and smile the quicker it will be over thus not putting other teams off schedule as they may be having their photos right before their practice.
  • Dressing rooms will be tight and in high demand this is not a time to plan your weekend get in there and get dressed & undressed once your photo is done as other teams will need the dressing rooms!
  • You will receive 1 memory mate with an individual photo and a team photo included in your hockey fees. If you require extra photos or swag there will be a table up stairs across from the concession to order extra at your cost.