2024 - 2025 REGISTRATION 


Registration for the 2024-2025 season will be accepted online only starting June 15, 2024.

In order to register you will need to have an existing TeamSnap account, or create one in the registration process.

A non-refundable $100 deposit per child is required at the time of registration.  The first payment will be processed July 30, 2024.

Subsequent payments after that will be processed August 30, September 30 and October 30, 2024.

Members carrying a balance owing from the prior year(s) must pay in full prior to registering for the current year.  Any outstanding amounts have already been added to your TeamSnap account.

The early registration deadline is July 15, 2024. Registrations will still be accepted after July 15th however, fees will increase by $200. (excluding U7 which increases by $100 and Pre hockey has no increase)

***Note***  Registration will close on Aug 15th!!

Olds Minor Hockey Resident players, if you register after Aug 15th we will only accept your registration if we have room in the division that you are registering for. If the division is full you will be put on a wait list. You will not be guaranteed to play in OMHA if you register late.


Click here for the 2024 - 2025 Registration Fee Rates.  Please note that a one-time $50 Conditioning Camp Fee will be included for all Olds Residents only if the level you are registering your child in offers one.   This means, that if you are an Olds Resident and you register your child for AA (which recommends each player to participate in the AA Conditioning Camp prior to Evaluations) the fee processed at the time of registration will include attending that camp.  In the event your child doesn't make the AA, they are encouraged to participate in the regular stream conditioning camp as well, at which time another $50 will be required prior to your child stepping on the ice.  This fee will be added to your TeamSnap account for quick payment.

Continued for 2024-2025: Discounted Goalie Registration

In order to encourage more of our athletes to participate as Goalies and to alleviate some of the financial hurdles to playing the position, all Regular Stream (Non-AA) will receive a 50% discount on their OMHA Registration fees.  Please, contact the OMHA Registrar at omharegistrar@gmail.com prior to registration to ease the process.

If Goalies tryout for the AA teams and are unsuccessful in making the team, they will receive the discounted rate and future payments will be adjusted accordingly.

AA Tryout Registration

Registrations for the Regional 'AA' teams will open on June 15th.

The AA Tryout fee is $100 for OMHA resident players and $225 for non-resident players up to July 15, 2024.

After July 15th, the Tryout fee will increase to $200 for OMHA residents and $325 for non-residents. 

Participation Fee / Concession Hours

For the 2024 - 2025 season, families will be required to work 20 hours of time in the Concession

If a family has not worked 10 hours prior to Dec. 15, 2024, $300 will be invoiced to your TeamSnap account. Families will need to work an additional 10 hours prior to March 15, 2025 to prevent having another invoice of $300 sent.

There is also an "Opt Out" option where families may pay $500 immediately at time of registration.

Please note that once you have chosen an option for the participation fee, it will not be changed so be sure of your decision.

(example:  If you choose to "Opt Out" of your concession hours at the time of Registration and then decide at a later date you would rather have paid someone else to do your hours, you will NOT be refunded the Opt Out fee)

You are no longer able to chose who works your hours if it is someone outside of your immediate family. 

If you chose to have someone work your hours, you now must go through the concession manager. Once you have completed your registration, please contact the concession manager at oldsminorhockey.concession@gmail.com and she will assign an approved concession worker to complete your hours.

Jersey Bond Cheques

A $300 Jersey Bond Cheque will be required from each Player at the start of the season. Cheques are to be postdated to March 15, 2024 and will be collected by team managers when the jerseys are distributed to the players. Cheques will be destroyed upon receipt of both the Home and Away jerseys at the end of the season. Cheques will only be cashed in the event the jerseys are not returned, or returned in poor condition.

Financial Assistance

Please, click here for info.


Choose the best option for your family, below.

If you have any questions or are unsure which category you fall into, please contact the Registrar at omharegistrar@gmail.com


OLDS RESIDENT - is for those families who live within the Olds Minor Hockey boundaries.

NON-RESIDENT AA - is for families who do not live within Olds Minor Hockey boundaries, however do live with in the Hockey Alberta draw zone for Olds AA or programs.

If you have any troubles at all during the Registration process, please read the FAQs.