For the current season, families will be required to work 20 hours in the Concession.

If a family has not worked 10 hours prior to December 15 they will be invoiced $300 which will be applied to their TeamSnap account and paid prior to the end of the year. The remaining 10 hours will need to be completed prior to March 15 or a second charge for $300 will be applied.  Any funds outstanding, will remain on the families Team Snap profile until paid.

There is on "Opt Out" option where families can choose to pay $450 immediately at the time of registration and therefore, will not be required to work any Concession hours for the season.

Once you have chosen which option you would like to go with, it cannot be changed.

Questions or concerns regarding this matter can be sent to our Registrar at

Concession Sign Up

Sign-up for concession shifts is done through Sign-Up Genius.  Shifts are typically added a month at a time.

Be sure to set up your notifications within Sign-Up Genius so you know the moment new shifts are added.

The most recent schedule can be found here.

If a situation arises where you cannot work a shift for which you signed up for, please do the following:

  1. Find someone to work the shift for you, and notify concession manger of replacement.
  2. Cancel the shift and notify the concession manager so they can find another worker.

Linda, our Concession Manager can be reached via e-mail at or via phone at (403) 638-8166


This makes it unfair to others trying to get their required hours in before the December cut-off. If we see someone booking shifts over their 10 hour limit before December, we reserve the right to remove your name from the listing and open up the shifts for others.  Often as December approaches, more shifts become available than we have workers to fill them. Keep this in mind if you have difficulty in the early going of the season to get hours booked.

Concession Rules/Guidelines

The Concession Manager has procedures and rules that need to be followed to ensure a safe, well organized work environment for everyone. Please listen to the Manager or Concession Lead and follow these rules at all times. The Concession Manager reserves the right to remove any worker that is not abiding by those expectations.

  1. Workers must be 16 years of age, or older, to work shifts. Any inquiries or concerns regarding this matter can be discussed with the Concession Manager.
  2. Minors under the age of 18 must be on shift with a Lead Worker or the Concession Manager.
  3. If you have to make changes to your shift please inform Linda, the Concession Manager, at 403-638-8166
  4. While there is no specific “Dress Code”, please ensure you do not have loose clothing, long hair is tied back, and clothing is suitable for a family environment.
  5. When working your shift please do not bring children along into the Concession or to the Candy Counter (Grizzly Games).
  6. In keeping with the Safe Food Handling guidelines, and the Concession Managers preferences, please refrain from eating and drinking at the front counter while working. Volunteers personal snacks and drinks can be consumed in the back.
  7. NO CELL PHONES while working.  There is a task list of things that can be done if it is quiet.

**Any additional guidelines will be presented in the Concession by the Concession Manager Linda.

Got Questions? visit our list of FAQ questions, here


Any questions or concerns regarding our concession can be addressed to our Concession Manager, Mykaela.