Picture Night

Each year, OMHA includes Team Photos within its Registration Fees.

Included are: one (1) Memory Mate with an individual photo and a team photo.


2023/24 Dates & Times

November 6th, 2023

4:30 PM U9 Gold
4:45 PM U9 White
5:00 PM U9 Travel B
5:20 PM U13AA
5:40 PM U9 Black
6:00 PM U13 A
6:20 PM U11 FEMALE A
6:30 PM U11 FEMALE B
6:40 PM U15 A
7:00 PM U11B
7:20 PM U18 A
7:40 PM U18AA

November 7th, 2023

4:00 PM U7 RED
4:10 PM U7 BLUE
4:20 PM U11A
5:00 PM U11 HADP
5:20 PM U9 Travel A
5:40 PM U15AA
6:00 PM U13 Female
6:20 PM U15 B
6:40 PM U13 B
7:00 PM U13 C
7:20 PM U18 FEMALE
7:40 PM U18B

Team Photo Important Info

Your Teams photo time has been uploaded into Team Snap. We have done our best to work around practice & dryland schedules as much as we possibly can.

Managers will need to bring with them a game sheet roster and the players will need to be lined up in the order in which they appear on the roster sticker. Players will need to be dressed in their Black Game Jerseys with their black socks that managers will collect from each division coordinator. Full equipment except helmet and neck guards if possible.

If your practice has been scheduled on the main ice it IS A NO PUCKS 3/4 ICE PRACTICE.

OMHA Photographer Contact Info

Photography by Bully

Kevin Bullock




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