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TeamSnap Registration Program

In the 2020 season, Olds Minor Hockey will continue with Hockey Canada in utilizing Team Snap's Registration features.

In order to register you will need to have an existing Team Snap account, or create one in the registration process.

If you have issues with the registration process you can find some information here.

If you still can't find the solution to your problem, please email omharegistrar@gmail.com for assistance.

2020 - 2021 REGISTRATION


Registration for the 2020-2021 season will be accepted online only starting June 15, 2020.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required at the time of registration.

Due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the structure/length of the upcoming season, registrants will not be able to pay their registration fees in full this year, with the exception of the Pond Hockey division.  We have chosen to extended our payment plan through to October 15, 2020, splitting the fees into 4 smaller payments.  In the event that our season doesn't start until after October we will be able to adjust those payments accordingly, instead of issuing numerous refunds for any missed months of play.

Players/families carrying a balance owing from prior years must pay in full prior to registering for the current year.

This outstanding balance has already been added to your TeamSnap account.

The early registration deadline is August 15, 2020. Registrations will still be accepted after August 15th  but fees will increase by $200.


Click here to go to the Online Registration Page for more information regarding online registration and to register.


Continued for 2020-2021: Discounted Goalie Registration

In order to encourage more of our Athletes to participate as Goalies and to alleviate some of the financial hurdles to playing the position, all Regular Stream (Non-AA and Elite Teams) will receive a 50% discount on their OMHA Registration fees.  Please, contact the OMHA Registrar at omharegistrar@gmail.com prior to registration to ease the process.

If Goalies tryout for the AA teams and are unsuccessful in making the team, they will receive the discounted rate and future payments will be adjusted accordingly.


AA Tryout Registration

Registrations for the Regional 'AA' and U15 Female Elite teams will open on June 15th.  Should the player be successful in making the team, their registration fees will follow the fee schedule according to the date for which they registered with Olds Minor Hockey.

The AA and Elite Tryout fee is $100 for all participants up to August 15, 2020.

After August 15th, the AA Tryout fee will be $250. 

Olds Minor Hockey - Returning Resident Player Registration


First Time Registering for Minor Hockey?

Click here for First Time Registration Instructions!

AA Tryout Registration - Non-Resident Players


Bantam Elite Tryout - Non Resident Players



Are you having trouble registering your child for hockey?

There are two possible reasons:

First: If this is the first time registering a child for hockey, a family will have to complete the Respect in Sport program with Hockey Alberta.  Starting in the 2018 Season, RIS will need to be renewed every 3 years.

For information visit http://www.hockeyalberta.ca/members/respect-sport/ 

Although it's not been required in the past for Pond Hockey because they don't play actual games, Hockey Alberta has made it a mandatory requirement for all new families to hockey, no matter the level of entry to the sport. If it's a package offered on the HCR website, RIS rules apply. It's then associated with that family's HCR account for all years going forward and will need to be renewed every 3 years.

Second: If a family already has children playing hockey, they have to log in to their e-Hockey Canada account, create the child's profile to associate the child to their account, and then they will be able to proceed with registering him/her through our online registration link. To do this, visit https://ehockey.hockeycanada.ca


Whether taking the RIS or creating a Profile on the e-hockey Canada website, parents should CONSISTENTLY use the child's name as on their birth certificate. 

Using abbreviated versions of your child's name or "nicknames" can create duplicate profiles, and accounts will not be linked. If parents use the name on the birth certificate, it eliminates possible duplications.


One of the two solutions above should work, but if it doesn't please contact omharegistrar@gmail.com.


Participation Fee:

OMHA has an interest in supporting families who wish to offset the cost of playing hockey by working hours in our Concession.

For the 2020 - 2021 season, families will be required to work 20 hours of time in the Concession.

If a family has not worked 10 hours prior to Dec. 15, 2020, $300 will be added to their Team Snap Account for payment. If partial hours have been completed, the hours will be charged out at $30 per hour.  Families will need to work an additional 10 hours prior to March 15, 2021 to prevent having another payment of $300 charged.

There is also an "Opt Out" option where families may pay $450 immediately on registration and not be required to work any Concession hours.

Please note that once you have chosen an option for the participation fee, it will not be changed so be sure of your decision. (example 1:  If you opt out and then decide at a later date you would rather have paid someone to do your hours, you will NOT be refunded the opt out fee)

Jersey Bond Cheques:

$150 Jersey Bond Cheque will be required for each Player.  Cheques are to be postdated to March 15, 2021 and will be collected by team managers at time of jersey distribution. Cheques will be destroyed upon receipt of both Home and Away jerseys at the end of the season. Jerseys are to be returned washed and cleaned, ready for the following year.

Important Information for Players New to Olds Minor Hockey

Members who are new to OMHA (but exist in a different association) will not be able to register online until the member is transferred to OMHA.  If you attempt to register online, the Register button will show unavailable.  In order to register online, you will need to first be transferred to Olds Minor Hockey.  To transfer a member to OMHA you will need to (depending on your situation) either submit

If this applies to you, please complete the applicable form and scan and submit it to omharegistrar@gmail.com

Please note: this excludes players who have never previously registered in hockey or who are trying out for one of the OMHA "AA" teams.