Concession Signup


A Covid Assessment Form is mandatory prior to each shift. Click here to view and/or complete that form.
A MASK MUST BE WORN. Please, do your best to bring your own, if you can't or you forget, one will be provided.

Please read and adhere to the following rules prior to signing up as well as on shift:

The Concession Manager has procedures and rules that need to be followed to ensure a safe, well organized work environment for everyone. Please listen to the Manager and follow those rules at all times. The Concession Manager reserves the right to remove any worker that is not abiding by those expectations.

Please note some of these GENERAL RULES when signing up for your shifts:

  1. Workers must be 16 years of age, or older, to work shifts. Any inquiries or concerns regarding this matter can be discussed with the Concession Manager.
  2. Minors under the age of 18 must be on shift with a regular volunteer or paid employee/manager.
  3. If you have to make changes to your shift please inform Mykaela , the Concession Manager, at 403-586-2565
  4. While there is no specific “Dress Code”, please ensure you do not have loose clothing, long hair is tied back, and clothing is suitable for a Family Environment.
  5. When working your shifts please do not bring children along into the Concession or to the Candy Counter (Grizzly Games).
  6. In keeping with the Safe Food Handling guidelines, and the Concession Managers preferences, please refrain from eating and drinking at the front counter while working. Volunteers' personal snacks and drinks can be consumed in the back.
  7. NO CELL PHONES in the front area while on shift.  There is a task list of things that can be done if it is quiet.

**Any additional guidelines will be presented in the Concession by Mykaela.

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